Custom Pieces of Light may be able to be made…just ask!

Pieces of Light by Lisa Marie Ford Samples Picture

Every piece is handmade, shaped, and individually designed…no two pieces are exactly the same. They may come close, but will not be exact.

With sizes and designs it is the same, they will be approximate not exact. Custom Pieces will be numbered with certificates as well.

However, many options are available to choose from for your custom Pieces of Light….


Please click on the links below to learn more about our “ingredients” and options for creating Pieces of Light

Wire Choices

Crystal Choices



Some Wire Weaving Styles

You can see samples of shapes throughout this site, this is for the inner weavings, wraps, and shapings.

Starcatcher Web

A wire web with many stars patterned into the weaving. Shaped to best hold crystals as well.


Swirls as Cloudy Tendrils

Wreath Edges

Trees (Leaf Trees and Family Trees)