All of our wire is Made in the USA.

Some is silver-plated, other is colored. Copper has many fine qualities and shapes well for our original creations.

Wire Choice

(All wire is Made in the USA)

Bare Copper

Coated Silver Plated Copper Wire

Gold Colored/Coated Silver Plated Copper Wire

Rose Gold Colored/Coated Silver Plated Copper Wire

Antique Copper Colored/Coated Copper Wire

Bronze Brass Colored/Coated Copper Wire

Bare Brass

You can see samples of these all throughout this section. The top menu above has options from a drop down menu to sort Pieces of Light by wire.


We can use one, two, or more colors even as shown here:

{As with all metals any of these wires may change color/age over time, even the coated ones.}

Due to my asthma I do not patina/age wire using chemicals.

For now some intricate designs for the Bare Brass may take longer time or I may not be able to do it just yet. Brass is significantly harder to shape than copper.