Large Swarovski Star Crystal with a Bee

Swarovski® Crystals are said to be the best, and here at Pics By Lis we settle for nothing less.

While we favor everything we can get Made in the USA for the ingredients to our handcrafted creations, these Crystals come from Austria, where Swarovski has been since 1892!

As some of the family on Grandma’s side came from the old country (Austria) we also think this is a another good reason to love Swarovski Crystals!

As you can see in many of the Pieces of Light, Stars, Butterflies, and Dewdrops are our favorite crystals.

Star Crystal with Aurora Borealis in Sunlight

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Crystal Colors and Effects

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis Effect on Clear Crystal is by far the favorite…it changes color depending on the light and surrounding colors. Sometimes it appears clear with colors on some facets, other times (especially on darker backgrounds) the one perspective appears sunlight yellow with rainbows of twinkles sparkling through, and yet the other perspective (reverse) reflects like metallic auroras in cooler shades of blue, green, and purple edged by pinks and yellows. You can see many, many samples by perusing this site…here are just a few glimpses:

In many designs we can either place all the crystals facing the same way such as the first one which has the reverse out and the front facing the web:

or stagger them with some front and some reverse to catch the most light, like this:

“Yellow” is front, “Blue/Green” is reverse

We have Aurora Borealis in Stars, Hearts, Dewdrops, Butterflies, Raindrops, Starfish, Stardust, Moons, Suns, and more Crystals.


Light Sapphire

We have a select few crystal shapes in this clear light blue color.


Bermuda Blue Effect

We have a select few crystal shapes in the color/effect….mostly small hearts and various sizes of starfish. The Front shades blues to black while the reverse reflects metallic blues, blacks, and silver.


Copper Color and Effect

Copper is another favorite for use with copper wire, of course. It has the copper coloring, but also a metallic reflective side as well.

This is effect is, sadly, limited and some styles are no longer offered. Luckily we were able to get a considerable stock of Copper Butterfly Crystals such as those shown in this leaf:


Paradise Shine

This is a fantastic effect, much like Aurora Borealis the colors are many, appear different depending on light and surrounding colors, and the front and reverse look and behave different. The front appears shades of green to yellow to pink to clear twinkled with sparkles of purple or blue, while the reverse has a reflective quality, like metallic blues, greens, pinks. This picture just can’t do it justice. Maybe someday a video.

Currently we have only a few styles in stock, though Swarovski does offer more…sadly no stars. How I wish this was available as a star crystal! We do have small hearts and butterflies.


Heliotrope Purple

Ooh…this is a nice effect/color. Again, as with other effect, one side has a clear color, the other a reflective metallic color. But with Heliotrope one might just get lost in its depths, shades range from purple to blue, with hints of pink, to midnight bordering on black.

This is another one I wish Swarovski offered as a Star Crystal! Or a Butterfly!


Colors with Aurora Borealis Effect

Some shapes come in colors with the Aurora Borealis Effect, like this Rose AB Heart or this Sapphire AB Heart.


Colors of the Rainbow

We have Stardust and Butterfly Crystals in colors of the rainbow (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Some other shapes may be attainable, just depends of what Swarovski offers.


Crystal Shapes