About POL

Original Designs and Handcrafted Creations by Lisa Marie Ford (a.k.a. “Lis”)

Bagpipes the Sheltie Collie Cartoon Animation by Lisa Marie Ford

The Story behind the Name:

Once there was a little puppy named Bagpipes…
well Mister Bagpipes Ford, to be precise.

A Sheltie Collie like no other, for he loved to howl and sing,
ding and tinkle bells, and chase Prisms and Shiny Reflections
Otherwise known as…”Pieces of Light!”

They always brought a smile to his face and in turn to the faces of those around him…

Couldn’t we all use some Pieces of Light to brighten our days?!


Pieces of Light come with a Certificate with this little story, what went into the Piece, what it is called, and more.

Each piece is numbered. New certificates reflect this as well.


Pieces of Light are available:

at Lost in Time A & C’s Online Shop

and at various Art Shows and Events for Pics By Lis

or feel free to send us an inquiry. ;0)